Plot of Land for Sale

Grand Anse, St Lucia

Property Description

This plot of land comprises approximately 1,600 stunning, undeveloped acres ideally suited for a premiere nature reserve and sustainable Eco‐resort development community. The approximate one and a quarter mile long sandy beach is one of the most picturesque and dramatic in St. Lucia, perhaps in the entire Caribbean. The cool Trade Winds of the Atlantic and the extensive reef creates a continuous mesmerizing surf. Even in its natural state, the extraordinary beauty of this coastal landscape is truly breath‐taking.

This exceptional, remote property is contoured as a natural amphitheater, with mountain ridges on three sides which all focus on the expansive ocean activity. Significant mitigating engineering will be required for SAFE swimming. From every angle, one can enjoy a panoramic view of the beach. The highest elevation is about 1,200 ft above sea level. The main valley offers hundreds of acres of flat land, including about 60 acres of beachfront property, known as the ‘Queen’s Chain’.

Three small ‘streams’ run through the property. Two form lagoons on the Grande Anse Beach; an addition to the landscape and an area of potential architectural interest. Most of the property is forested with coconut palms, other exotic fruit trees and secondary tropical growth, though there has been some deforestation and clearing of land. A diversity of lush plant and wildlife can be found on the estate. The beach is an important nesting ground for the giant Leatherback turtle, which lays its eggs during the period from March to August. This is an exciting attraction for guests. The turtles are protected by law, and the ‘Desbarras Turtle Watch’ is organized by the community of Desbarras. The property also contains one of the island’s significant archeological sites dating back to the period of the Amerindian. The pre-Columbian theme could be optimized in a project design concept.

Large, stunning and undeveloped tracts of land on choice Caribbean islands are virtually non‐ existent today. This is an unprecedented opportunity for a premiere resort community development which embraces discriminating market appeal, significant environmental conservation, conscientious design planning, and St. Lucia’s rich heritage.

Property Location