Property Rentals In Spain; Acquiring a Suitable House

Property rentals in Spain are among those things that a lot of people will spend time looking for on the internet, especially when those long and grey British winters start to take hold. You have two choices when it comes to living abroad, it is possible you can either rent or purchase a property depending upon which option is best for your needs. Right at the top of the list of plus points of making the choice to rent a house as an alternative to purchasing one allows you to enjoy the best aspects of living abroad without taking the sometimes scary jump into selling/buying in a different country. In fact, renting for quite some time before buying is a great strategy to ensure that you really want and are prepared to reside far from your friends and family before committing to buy a property in Spain. However, whilst there are plenty of obvious benefits to finding the right properties to rent in Spain there are without a doubt a few things to remember when it comes to renting a property.

The very first thing you need to do is actually look for the right property for your needs, and much like other countries around the world the internet will often be the number one place to look. Whether you look on Spanish property portals or real estate websites that are situated in other countries you might be surprised how quickly you discover the property you've dreamed of. You can also ask Spanish based estate agents about their properties to rent, however you might find that most of these will take care of sales rather than just lettings and may also charge you a fee for their service in the course of your tenancy. Choosing the right apartment or home is only the first part of a sometimes lengthy process which is why Yazoo Property have developed a website that is easy to operate and includes plenty of wonderful properties to rent in Spain.

Considerations To Make With Properties To Rent In Spain

Once you have found the appropriate property to rent in Spain then you will need to take into consideration aspects of the tenancy such as your agreement with the landlord. In Spain, tenancy agreements are valid whether or not they are written or verbal; however we do advise against any type of verbal contract especially if you are not fluent in the language. When the time comes to pay out a payment in advance for your property then this will often be one or two months of rent and will be held by a third party to ensure that it is protected. In addition to the monthly rent, the tenant is expected (very similar to rentals in England) to pay for their own utilities as well as for any minor repairs that might be down to wear and tear. The cost of utilities will be dependent on your own usage and you should understand that you may also need to pay monthly fees for things such as communal area maintenance and garbage collection.

So the time has come and you are in a position to move into your property in Spain! Always make sure that you have an inventory of all the items that might be included in the let and their condition. This is to safeguard you at the end of the tenancy and if you have got anything else that you think could well be a concern then make certain you capture photographs of the quality of the items or fittings when you moved into the property. Spanish law is weighted in favour of tenants and it is difficult for a landlord to evict even if they have stopped paying rent, but it is still important to make the payments that are already agreed to and be sure that the property is kept as neat and tidy as possible, very similar to when you rent in the UK.

This informative article has just given an outline of some of the key aspects to renting a property in Spain. You may find that whilst renting is an easier process than buying there is plenty to remember when you plan to rent rather than buy. We are experts in the area and can provide not only access to an abundance of apartments, villas and houses in Spain but also articles and advice on the finer aspects of the processes that you will need to go through during your purchase or rental agreement. So go ahead and visit us at, give us a phone call or fill out our online contact form in order to get started in your hunt for perfect property rentals in Spain. You might discover in no time at all you are relaxing by the pool of your beautiful new home!