Property in Spain for rent – short or long term, rent to buy?

Whether you are looking for a cheap apartment property for short term rental in Spain while finding your dream property to buy or a luxury villa for long term let so you can keep your house back home as an investment opportunity, Yazoo are here to help you find the perfect property for you.  Although not as popular as in the UK, rent to buy properties are available in Spain. Browse through our rental section of our property portal and see what our Estate Agents in Spain have to offer

Villa or apartments rental & where should I look for property?

There are a huge amount of villa and apartment properties for rental in Spain. There are various reasons why you may want to rent rather than buy a property (for now or in the future), but whatever they are there are a few simple steps to find the right Spanish rental property. Firstly, decide where you would be most happy to rent – are you a coast lover needing to be near the beach, or do you like the quiet and sleepy villages inland where you can integrate with the locals, or is it a mix of both? Secondly, decide on your monthly budget and try your best to stick with it. It’s easy to get carried away when you see a villa with pool in the sunshine and think about all those lazy afternoons just relaxing! Thirdly, don’t be afraid to accept you may have made a mistake with your choice of area you decided to rent in. Think of it as a bonus – after all, you may have bought there! One place does not fit all here in Spain, just the same as in the UK and if you’re renting, you can always move on a see how the next place fits.